FingerTongs Really Allow You To Be Hands-On In The Kitchen


Have you ever been sautéing something or cooking food on the grill and no matter how much you try to manipulate it around with a spatula it just rolls in a different direction?  Maybe, in frustration, you have even tried to grab it quickly with your fingers to place it in exactly the right spot and have consequently burned yourself.  Yeah, me too!  It can be an annoying little cooking dilemma, but one that may be solved by having a pair of FingerTongs.



These silicone mini-gloves fit over your fingers and thumb much like a hand puppet (in fact, in between flips you could probably entertain your guest with them).  They completely protect your fingers right up over the knuckles so that you can safely reach in and grasp food as it cooks.   The gadget can be used by righties or lefties and is much more flexible than most cooking gadgets so it really allows you to get in there.  The grips on the inside should really help to grasp food items.  It also will not leave scratches on your delicate pans and is made from FDA food-safe silicone that protects at temperatures up to 500 F. 

When you are all done cooking and before the next puppet show performance, FingerTongs can be tossed in the dishwasher to be cleaned.  You can find FingerTongs for cheap here.   


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