Fingers As A Service: Business Reinvents The Foam Finger To Be A Little More Sass, And A Little Less Class

Today, I opened my mailbox and was pleasantly surprised.  Typically only filled with flyers and the occasional bill (that duplicates the one sitting in my email inbox), I actually found something that was worth more attention than an immediate trip to the recycling bin. You're going to have to read on to find out what it is, but I can tell you that it was a gift from a hot new business out there that subscribes to my brand of sarcasm. While I was pleased with the appearance of their namesake item, you may not be if you're on the receiving end.

I'll concede to the fact that any parcel typically puts a smile on the face of any recipient, especially in this day and age when handwritten letters appearing in your mailbox are a forgotten art. It's nice to know that someone has been thinking about you, enough to take the time to package something up and mail it out. It's the thought that doesn't even matter what's inside. Or does it?

When I opened up the parcel I pulled out of my mailbox this morning, I knew exactly what it was and I was excited to get my hands on it. I opened the envelope, and was greeted with a foam finger flipping me off, and I couldn't help but laugh. It also contained a certificate that I wasn't expecting - a formal looking document stating that I (Beth Hodgson) fulfilled the requirements for the finger. 

My very own "Eff You"My very own "Eff You"

While it's probably true, I knew why it had appeared. I can only assume that other recipients may not find THE finger in their mail quite as amusing once they realize that someone actually took the time, and paid for a service to send them something so hilariously obscene. Someone out there is clearly thinking of you alright, when you receive a parcel from Mail The Finger - just not in the way you've hoped.

 Of course, Mail the Finger isn't trying to cater to the recipient - their core clientele happens to be people who have been wronged, people who have been angry, or people who have a twisted sense of humor (to name a few). These people are professionals, they have reputations, and they can't just go around flipping off anyone they feel like without negative repercussions - at least not in venues other than the freeway. Those that don't need such a service, and can personally give the finger are lucky, but Mail the Finger knows that reality is harsh, and that random bouts of inappropriate anger can land you in a psychiatric institution for breaking the rules of decorum. Which is why when they mail their unique foam finger out, they do so without outing the sender.

Like other "revenge" businesses we've seen before where things like poop and glitter (no, not at the same time) have been sent out anonymously, Mail the Finger is designed to do the dirty work for those of us that really, really just need to stick it to someone.

As an added bonus, this business subscribes to the same brand of sarcasm you'll often see right here (I told the founder that they are making my job too easy), so I think you'll enjoy them too.

For clarity, no this is not a sponsored article - after all, they sent me an insulting foam finger - not a trip around the world.