Finis Introduces Waterproof XtreaMP3 For Outdoor Sports

Back in the fall, we saw the funky, bone-conduction-based SwiMP3 from Finis. The waterproof player was designed specifically for swimming and attaches to a set of swim goggles. As such, wearing it outside of the pool--say for a bike ride or day on the slopes--would make you look like a huge jong.


To prevent you from getting pelted in the head with ice balls, Finis introduces the XtreaMP3, a similar waterproof player designed for more terrestrial sports like snowboarding, trail running, biking, etc. If it warrants the extreme with the minus-the-e, capital X, we're pretty sure it's got to be good. Finis' typical MP3 tagged onto the end doesn't hurt its cause either. 

The player offers 1 GB of storage for toting about 240 songs along on your adventure. More interestingly, it features rugged, durable construction that holds up to both water and shock. It is still waterproof enough to wear in the pool (up to 15 feet), but features more versatile design so it can be used across sports. And just in case you didn't want to give up all the dork factor of wearing the SwiMP3 and swim goggles outside of the pool, Finis offers a stylin' Neoprene arm band to wear the player on. 

The device retails for $150 and includes waterproof ear buds. Find it over on Finis' site or on Amazon.

Finis via Slash Gear 

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