FINIS SwiMP3 Underwater MP3 Player Rattles Your Skull

Looking for a way to listen to music while you swim your morning laps? Look no further than the FINIS SwiMP3. The second-generation SwiMP3 makes use of bone conduction--essentially vibrating the sound waves off of the bones in your head rather than sending them through the air. While bone conduction sounds more like a form of torture from WWII, it helps to keep the sound tight and accurate even when you're submerged in the water. So BEP will never sound better, despite the fact that you're chasing nickels in the deep end. 

The SwiMP3 is designed to attach to your swim goggles keeping the player secure right where it's needed. For the latest incarnation, FINIS has created sleeker, more stylish hardware and dropped the central control unit found on the previous model. The controls are now integrated  into one of the earpieces. The 1 GB player is $150, which is a reflection of its waterproof and sonic qualities, more than its general MP3 specs. 

Whether your idea of getting into the water is surfing the breakers of the North Shore or laying back in the pool on a big, yellow floatie, you can pick up your very own SwiMP3 at Amazon for around $135.

Via: Dvice 

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