Fioravanti Sees Future with No Windshield Wipers

If you have ever driven in the rain (I'm sure most of us have) you know that although windshield wipers are a blessing, when they don't work they are more of a curse. A concept car named the Hidra may change the way you see your wipers.

Leonardo Fioravanti, an Italian car designer, developed a prototype vehicle that uses no windshield wipers. By using a series of 4 treatments and improved aerodynamics, the windshield can remove water and dirt from the field of view.

The first treatment filters out harmful UV rays from the sun and acts as a repellent to water. The second and third stages work hand-in-hand. The second stage is made of "nano-dust" which is able to force dirt to the edges of the glass. The third is used to sense water or dust and activate the second stage. The fourth and final treatment is used to conduct electricity which powers the entire mechanism.

The treatments reduce the amount of drag acting on the windshield and allows air to flow more freely over it. As debris builds, the lack of resistance forces it out of view and eventually off the car altogether.

The Hidra marks the 20th Anniversary of Fioravanti Automobiles. According to its designer, the system could enter mass production within 5 years. Both the Hidra and the windshield technology will be presented in a couple weeks at the Geneva Motor Show.

Via : WorldCarFans

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations