Fire Up Your Abdominals With ABXCORE


Numbers don't lie, and the numbers on the ABXCORE may just prove that this device is the most effective ab device on the market. It is certainly more effective in recruiting your core muscles than a conventional sit up, and it puts less stress on your back.

Let's just look at those numbers. Dr. E. Todd Schroeder and Dr. Susan Sigward, of the University of Southern California, conducted a study on the effectiveness of the ABXCORE to recruit different core muscles as compared to the conventional sit up. The study showed that, in using the ABXCORE, there was 35% more activity in the rectus abdominis in the lying position and 60% more in the seated position than with a traditional sit up. This increase in muscle activity with the ABXCORE was consistent with other core muscles, as well. The study also showed that using the ABXCORE requires less muscle activity in the back muscles, making it a safer alternative than the conventional sit up (for complete results go here).

ABXCORE Single ArmABXCORE Single Arm

The ABXCORE is able to elicit more activity in the core muscles while reducing stress on the back through its design, which provides resistance and assists you in maintaining proper form. It consists of two detachable resistance arms, which allow you great range of movement in your core work. The resistance arms give you 10 inches of contraction and up to 36lbs of resistance, depending on which ABXCORE you choose. 


The ABXCORE is great for beginners and advanced athletes alike, allowing you to use it either in a comfortable seated position or lying down and set the resistance from 2lbs to 36lbs. Because it is so compact, it is also a great piece of in-home equipment, and as you can see from the picture above, you can use it in the office. For more information on the ABXCORE and all of its benefits, check out the ABXCORE site

One thing the fitness buff in me has to mention before closing: while the ABXCORE is a great piece of abdominal exercise equipment, you will not get a six-pack just by using it. It will, of course, build a strong core, but a six-pack requires consistent calorie burning exercise and good nutrition. Without those, your six-pack will be buried under fat. Get yourself a strong core with ABXCORE, but live healthy as well.