Fire and Water Meet in the Dramprom Light

In an alchemical blend of fire and water, Spanish designer Roger Arquer has combined the two elements to create Dramprom, a lamp that uses condensation to softly diffuse its light.  

A bare bulb rests in a recessed hollow of the main part of the glass fixture, which holds an inch or so of water at the base.  As the lightbulb heats up, the water condenses on the inside walls of the glass, creating a very organic and constantly shifting type of 'lampshade'. When the light is off, the condensation drips back to the pool, only to start all over again once turned back on.

Says the artist:, “The lampshade of this lamp is no more than moist and thin drops of water. So simple but fascinating to watch, as alive as a candle light."

Dramprom was unveiled recently at an exhibition from Spanish designers at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. 

Roger Arquer via Dezeen