Firebox’s Condiment Gun: Shoot, By All Means, Shoot!

Is the Condiment Gun from Firebox a toy, a gun or a sauce dispenser?

Aye, my fellow barbecue comrades, for therein lies the rub (barbecue and otherwise.) The Condiment Gun from Firebox is all three! Available in the United Kingdom towards the end of July and the height of barbecue season, one might add (with sauce aforethought) it’s cost at 15 £ (30 US bucks) is less than most guns, about the same as most toys and probably a bit more expensive than most sauce dispensers. This is easily dealt with. Simply decide which function the Condiment Gun from Firebox will serve for you and your family and then judge accordingly whether or not it falls within your particular budget.
Condiment Gun from FireboxCondiment Gun from Firebox

How does the Condiment Gun work?

The Condiment Gun from Firebox couldn’t be simpler to operate. Ammunition (in this case, your favorite barbecue sauce) is loaded into the Condiment Gun from via the cartridge nozzle with one of the two cartridges provided by with the purchase of each Condiment Gun. Once loaded, there is no place for sausages, burgers or grilled vegetables of any kind to hide. They surrender to the power of the condiment gun from and transform obediently into perfectly seasoned summer barbecue fare before your war-torn eyes.

Who are the people behind the Condiment Gun?

Brilliantly ridiculous, the Condiment Gun reflects the mission of the Firebox people who began life in 1998 as an Internet retailer known as Founded by university friends, Michael Smith and Tom Boardman, the mantra of remains unchanged. “We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing.” In keeping with this mission, Firebox seeks out only those products and gadgets that are inspirational, quirky and most of all, fun to own and use. Once they find a special product or innovative gadget, features it for sale on both their website and in their catalogue, almost always ahead of the mass market producers and sellers.

Is the Condiment Gun for you and your family?

I don’t know, Squirt.

What do you think?
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Jul 8, 2008
by Anonymous


would be funny to try it though I doubt anyone would use it on food! :p To expensive though