FireDrake Industries Mobile Monitor is A Firefighter’s Best Friend

Using robots in hazardous situations is something that has saved countless lives and as our technology evolves will no doubt save many more. Knowing this, FireDrake Industries designed a robotic "firefighter" to help keep our loved ones out of danger.

The FireDrake Mobile Monitor was designed with 1 thing in mind; How to keep people at a safe distance while still being an effective tool. To accomplish this, the Monitor uses a high pressure pump that can move up to 500 gallons of water per minute combined with an adjustable nozzle to give the operator exactly the spray pattern needed. The Monitor can be operated remotely from up to 1000 feet away and the drive train as designed to be able to pull heavy duty hoses well out of operating range with little or no help from the operator.

Depending on the kind of the fire, fuels for instance, water might not be the answer. In such cases, the Monitor was designed to work with Thermo-Gel, Thermo-Foam and other chemicals. It can move between 350 and 500 gallons every minute, depending on the chemical, and is still safe to leave behind using the automatic feature.

Power for the robotic firefighter is provided by electric motors that draw power from a Lithium Ion battery pack. It charges off of a standard household outlet and a full charge offers up to 16 hours of continuous operation. It also has an auto-spray feature that allows firefighter to retreat to a safe distance if the need arises and keep the Monitor in place to help keep the fire under control.

FireDrake Industries has also designed option features for the Monitor depending on the needs of the department ordering the unit. One of the more useful options is a thermal imaging system that in situations where visibility is low could find a victim or a downed firefighter. Another feature is a chemical sensor and identification system that can detect harmful vapors and warn personnel of any hazardous materials present.

Every year between 100 and 200 men and women are lost while trying to protect the lives and property of others. The Monitor is just one step in reducing that number.

Via : FireDrake Industries
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Jul 29, 2008
by Anonymous

I was

wondering when they would make such things. It's so about time.

Aug 6, 2008
by Anonymous


This is a great invention!