Fire Up Your Romance With The Travelmate Portable Fireplace!

Now here's a design that's bound to catch fire. A traveling gas fireplace!

I doubt that the new Travelmate Portable Fireplace will be permitted to travel by plane, but at least you can take it all over your house and outside on a chilly night. You might even pack the Travelmate in the car for a weekend getaway.

The Travemate Portable Fireplace is the latest revelation by German design firm Conmoto. It is indeed portable, though a bit heavy at 55 pounds. (An investment in a dolly should do the trick.)

How neat to be able to carry this aquarium-style fireplace with you from room to room and even outside to the patio! It provides heat and the power to create an unbeatable ambiance on a rainy afternoon or snowy evening. Oooh! How romantic!

The Travelmate Fireplace couldn't be easier to operate. First, just place ithe Travelmate wherever you want it. Its 20" x 28" x 8" dimensions will fit on a shelf, table, or on the floor. And you don't have to worry about it burning anything; the Travelmate is heat and weather resistant.

Then, remove the glass outer-door that is magnetically attached to the unit. Fill the small "fuel tank" with bio-ethanol (yes, it's environmentally friendly!), and replace the door. When you're ready, light the fire through a small vent on the outside of the fireplace, and make adjustments to the volume of the fire with the controls. One "tank" of biofuel takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours to burn, longer than in a stationary fireplace with a few slow-burning logs.

Could not be simpler! And look at the benefits. Besides being able to create a romantic atmosphere wherever you want, you save on heating bills, you don't have to cut down trees, and you have nothing to clean up! No smoke, no ashes, no soot! A quick clean of the unit. That's it. Period.

If you don't believe me, check out this video on the Conmoto website and then visit Unica Home to learn more.

Aug 4, 2008
by whysteriastar@h...'s picture

If only I had an extra 3,300 dollars

I'd go buy one today. I love fireplaces.

Plus, I'd get super buff from taking it every where I go!