Firewinder: Mesmerizing Outdoor Light Runs Only On Windpower

I love light shows.  Not the big ones with the lasers, necessarily; just a candle will satisfy me.  But the idea of a wind-powered outdoor light that pulses with the many different beats that winds can produce, just sounds like the perfect focus for meditating on the back porch in the evening.


Firewinder wind-powered spinning lightFirewinder wind-powered spinning light


Firewinder wind-powered spinning lightFirewinder wind-powered spinning light


The Firewinder spinning light is just the thing.  Not being electric and not needing batteries, all you have to worry about are the 7 bright LEDs that swirl and spin in dazzling patterns in the Firewinder, when the wind blows.  One or two LEDs might go out... in about 10 years.  

You can hang the Firewinder anywhere and you don't have to worry about maintaining it, although you may want to dust it occasionally.  Affix it to a wall, post, or tree; if you have a garden, that would be a perfect spot for the Firewinder.  The small one, shown above is 18" by 8" by 8" and you can see it from 820 feet away!  In this size, the Firewinder is available from First Street and also carries the Firewinder in a larger size (26" by 8" by 8").


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