FireWood Faux Fireplace For Smartphones Adds Heat To The Beat

Have smartphone and fireplace, will travel! The FireWood portable personal fireplace runs off your smartphone, adjusts its light when blown on and pulsates to the beat of music played on your phone or MP3 player.

This unique electronic device allows you to bring a fireplace with you wherever you go; upon arrival just plug it into a smartphone, iPhone or MP3 music player and enjoy the warm camaraderie of your very own personal campfire – indoors or out! Even better, no trees are harmed when you use FireWood and since you're not carbonizing real wood, your carbon footprint remains tree-huggingly light.

FireWood is programmed with three distinct and discrete modes. With Lighting Mode, the “flame” intensity automatically adjusts to complement the room's ambient lighting.

With Outdoor Mode, the imitation charcoal branches take on the look of an actual campfire – without the annoying heat, ashes or flying sparks. Blow on it and watch the synthetic embers flare!

Last but not least, Music Mode makes the flames flicker to the rhythm of your favorite tunes, conveniently played on your mobile phone and/or music player.

The aptly named FireWood Smartphone Gadget is so new, Genius Cell isn't even shipping it 'til this November... just in time for the holiday “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” season. You can place a pre-order anytime at the Genius Cell website, though, 'cause it's never too early to begin Christmas shopping, amiright?