First Warning Systems: Bra Detects Breast Cancer In Its Early Stages

Many women have a love hate relationship with their bras - they hate how they look and feel without one, but love when they're able to take it off (ladies, you know it's true)! But that could all change with new smart lingerie that will be entering the market, because lifesaving makes feelings of love or hate seem inconsequential. First Warning Systems BraFirst Warning Systems Bra

The First Warning System is a bra with advanced technology that could change the world of medicine - or at least breast cancer detection - as we know it. The bra has a fit similar to a traditional sports bra, but it accomplishes far more than simply offering comfort and containment. Using 16 sensors embedded in the garment, it is able to detect and alert wearers to abnormalities in deep tissues. Growth to blood vessels causes temperature changes, and the device is able to monitor regular heat patterns so its aware of even the most minute differences that could be indicative of cancerous tissues. Additionally, it monitors the shape of the breast with its sensors for any new differences.

All of the data collected by the bra's sensors are sent to its smart computer-like system that can compare it to confirmed cancer profiles, in order to accurately predict any abnormalities that require medical attention. The developers behind this super intelligent garment indicate that breast cancer can be detected with 90% accuracy. They also mention it is highly necessary technology, as it can detect tumor development years before a mammogram can.

If this concept sounds familiar, it's because it's been under testing and development for the past 5 years. It is patented, and will be filed with the FDA this year, with a goal to launch initially in Asia in late 2014. They anticipate that it will be available in North America and Europe in early 2015. 

 Via: CNN