First Annual Internet Car and Truck of the Year Winners Announced

More and more people are turning to the vast quantities of information on the internet when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, rather than walk into a dealership uninformed. This is mostly due to the growing number of people who will provide their own unbiased opinions about their recent purchase. This was also the grounds for creating the Internet Car and Truck of the Year Awards, the winners of which were announced late last month.

Each entry into the competition was evaluated by two independent teams. The first group was a collection of 12 hand-selected journalists and car enthusiasts from different automotive news and technology websites scattered around the globe. Each was asked to research the vehicles being considered and cast a vote as to which was the best overall, factoring everything from price to driving experience into their decision.

After much deliberation, the journalists came to the conclusion that the 2010 Mazda-3 was king. The reasons cited for this decision were varied, but nearly all of the writers agreed that its handling and power delivery set the benchmark for others to meet.


The second group of judges consisted of over 50,000 individuals from every corner of every continent. Everyone from the weekend hobbyist, to the diehard gear-head was given an opportunity to have their opinion heard. Once all the votes were tallied, the 2010 Chevy Camaro was found to be the popular choice. It would see the general public agrees with this decision, as the Camaro has been able to outsell the Ford Mustang for a few months running.

Interesting enough, both the 12 professionals and the over 50,000 enthusiasts agree that the 2010 Chevy Equinox deserved the crown for the Truck of the Year. As with the Mazda-3, the reasons for this decision ranged from person to person, but the 32mpg on the highway seemed to please pretty much everyone. The Equinox's interior was also given kudos by quite a few, including in several independent reviews conducted prior to the awards.

Expect to see the Internet Car and Truck of the Year Awards back at the beginning of 2011.

Internet Car and Truck of the Year
Mar 8, 2010
by Anonymous

Maybe this should be expanded to these


Oscar Awards
MS with Jerry Lewis.
Golden Globe
The Peoples Choice Awards ( any product, service, TV & movie show).
Top Vacations Award to IE locales, etc worldwide.
Exotic Car of the Year
Hooters Bikini Girl of the Year
& etc more;.

Apr 22, 2011
by meggy

Well, if I wanted to buy a

Well, if I wanted to buy a car I would definitely take a look at this kind of top. I am really curious about the cars on the top this year. I own a car already, of course it's not one of these, it's not new but it's reliable, my car insurance quotes support my sayings. Nevertheless, I wouldn't refuse the chance to own one of these cars.

Jun 23, 2011
by ThomasSparks

Perfect for Towing

That 2010 Chevy Equinox really deserved the name "Truck of the Year". I once had the chance to ride my friend's Chevy Equinox while towing my car. It has a perfect towing mirrors, clear vision of your side and back.