The First Certified Organic Perfume is Here: Wholearth

Some people love fragrance.  They spray it, dab it, smooth it on and layer it.  They cannot get enough.  In fact some of them smell as if they have bathed in their favourite scent.  Unfortunately, there are others who cannot tolerate the synthetic components of most perfumes.  The chemicals can trigger headaches, allergies and breathing problems.  Some people are happy to live without fragrances (as much as possible anyways), but others wish that there was a scent choice that didn’t bother them.

Luckily for all of those would-be perfume wearers there is a new option.  Wholearth Certified Organic Perfume Spray by Danny Seo has no dyes or synthetic ingredients.  It is the first fragrance to be USDA certified as organic.  There are three choices of scent and each is made up of organic alcohol, natural fragrances and water.  The scent combinations seem quite complex and each consists of floral, spice and fruit notes.

Even if you are a regular perfume wearer, with the warmer weather approaching this may be a product that is worth exploring.  These fragrances do not have any of the common perfume chemicals that can sometimes warp in the heat and take on unusual and, at times, unpleasant odours.  Plus, you do not have to worry that your perfume is bothering those around you.

May 30, 2011
by dinni

I happen to know for a fact

I happen to know for a fact that a lot of people were waiting for natural 100% organic perfume, you got my attention on it: I need to know the cost, I need to know if it smells nice and I need to know where to find it.