The First Ever Motorized Cat Condo: The Cat Power Tower


This just in. Shake, rock, and roll!  Your cat can now have a motorized cat tower, for just 400 bucks and a place to put it. 

The Motorized Cat Tower was apparently developed to keep cats from boredom.  It is neatly designed with three floors, lots of scracthing surfaces, wide platforms (19" x 19") and a whiz-by rotating bird carousel.


Cat Power TowerCat Power Tower


Every floor 'encourages different kinds of behavior,' according to the ad copy, which also states that the Cat Power Tower is "The Only Motorized Cat Furniture." 

The lower floor with all the holes in it is supposed to encourage hunting behavior. Better put the cat's toys in those holes, if they fit, and sprinkle them with catnip, as it always helps to get your cat to do anything. The middle floor encourages good grooming for the cat's claws. And the top floor has the whizzing birds.

But here's the rub.  You would assume by the name 'Cat Power Tower" that maybe each level of the condo had a vibrating floor?  Or something that made the levels move side to side or up and down... or something?

Wrong.  Now, the Cat Power Tower is a nice looking cat condo and everything, and it comes in 'Early American' or 'Natural' finishes, but there is nothing 'powered' on this cat furniture but the pressure-activated motor for the rotating bird carousel.

What a big disappointment.


That's the buzz for today!