First Exclusive Green Marketplace For Hotels Launches

On November 9, EcoGreenHotel announced the official launch of it’s new online store, It's virtually a green marketplace for hotels and a one-stop marketplace of over 1000 products and services for the green hospitality industry. As more and more hotels become green-certified and more guests request "green" accommodations, the EcoGreenHotel Store is satisfying the needs of both the hotelier and the traveler.

A USA Today report states, " big companies and states are increasingly steering their travel business to hotels that meet 'green' environmental standards."  To respond to that growing demand, for the first time, the hospitality industry now has a reliable marketplace for their green supply needs. Through EcoGreenHotel Store, properties can purchase everything from environmentally sensitive amenities, earth-friendly cleaning supplies and sustainable furniture to biodegradable key cards and marketing services designed specifically for the green hotel industry.

Scott ParisiScott ParisiScott Parisi, President of EcoGreenHotel, states, “Over and over again, environmentally conscious hotel professionals have told us they wished they could simplify things and purchase their green supplies from one location…and so we set out to create the most comprehensive online source for environmentally friendly hospitality goods and services in the industry.”

For the past year, Parisi has collaborated with veteran specialty suppliers including Pineapple Hospitality, DeBlauw Purchasing, T2 Site Amenities, and Ecotek to assemble cost-effective eco hotel products available on the web.  His vision for the store is simple:

“We want the EcoGreenHotel Store to be the go-to source for quality, affordable eco hotel products and services.”  The EcoGreenHotel Store’s virtual shelves are stocked with products and services from dozens of companies, including:

Azul Conservation Products, home of cool tools designed to preserve precious water resources.

Hanger Network, creator of the EcoHanger, the ultimate sustainable multi-tasker.

Swisssol-USA Creative Body Care, maker of incredible natural body care products and dispenser systems.

Hospitality v-Marketing, the place to go for multi-media content, photography, videography and graphic design for eco hotels., Social Media Tool to Build Evangelists, Buzz and Sales

Luxur-Eco, wholesaler of lavish environmentally-conscious items for the hotel bed and bath.

Ray BurgurRay BurgurEcoGreenHotel has partnered with Ray Burgur, President of Pineapple Hospitality, which is a superior distribution and marketing company dedicated to providing innovative products and services to the lodging industry. Pineapple is currently the largest supplier of eco-amenities, cleaning products, key cards, and other merchandise being offered on the site.

“Pineapple has played a major role in identifying relationships with additional suppliers that will be offering products on the site,” Parisi said.  “And for advance planning and sourcing of FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) for renovations, PIP’s (product improvement plans) mandated by brands, and supplies for new-build hotels services by DeBlauw will assist hotels of any size .So the EcoGreenHotel Store’s offerings cover the entire scope of the industry.” brings all of those products together in one place, making it easy for hotel owners and managers to make the right choices as we move toward a more sustainable AND more profitable future for the hospitality industry.

Parisi continues to seek sustainable products to add to the merchandise lineup at the EcoGreenHotel Store.  Potential vendors are asked to contact him immediately at