First Flavor Memorable Marketing: Taste Test Tryvertising

An innovative marketing company is finally recognizing the power of taste in brand marketing and is helping food producers sell their products using more than just visual appeal. While historically, food and drink brands have marketed their products through sample packages distributed by mail or during taste test sessions at local grocery stores; First Flavor uses an approach that allows potential consumers to taste their clients' products that is less costly, more convenient, and rather innovative.

First Flavor produces Peel ‘n Taste flavor strips, which are dissolvable and similar in format to the popular breath strips that are available on the market. They know that by allowing potential consumers to actually taste the products offered by food and drink producers, they have a better chance of capturing their target audience. While visual brand marketing certainly plays a role, that might only convince consumers to purchase the product for the first time; but if they don't like the taste, they won't be repeat customers. Not only do the First Flavor Peel ‘n Taste slips allow consumers to try the product prior to purchase, it's a marketing method that's effective in its innovation; it's stand out and memorable.

Since their inception, First Flavor has had great success in capturing their niche marketing market. Clients have included Captain Morgan, featuring their Key Lime flavored rum; V8 has marketed their new flavor of their V-Fusion fruit and vegetable mixture in Pomegranate Blueberry; and Arm & Hammer has tried to show that their new whitening toothpaste isn't as awful as people might think by using the flavor strips to allow consumers to sample the taste.

While this may seem like an obvious example of effective marketing for brands that are concerned about spreading appeal for their flavor; it's an innovative and unique method that markets the product while ensuring it remains memorable.

While First Flavor has captured their niche in marketing using flavor strips, perhaps we will see this trend emerging on the diet market. Imagine the calories spared if you could satisfy your cheesecake craving with one dissolvable strip?