First Look: The 700-HP Gumpert Tornante

Gumpert is a German supercarmaker that has offered a single car since 2005: the Apollo. While the Apollo is an absolute beast in terms of performance, it's also a bit of a beast in terms of looks. It's a track-focused car that lacks the comfortable, luxurious interior that someone slapping half a million down on a car might want to enjoy. It also lacks the styling that say a Ferrari or Lamborghini bring to the table. With its hulking front lip spoiler and low-to-the-ground stance, I've always thought it looks a little like a fugly hovercraft with wheels.

Well, at some point in time, Gumpert realized that its only car lacked the sex appeal of its supercar counterparts and made a plan for a better-looking two-seater. And the plan started with some fresh blood; Gumpert employed the help of Italian coach-building firm Touring Superleggera to give the car a little bit of Italian elegance. 

While we won't get to see the full product until the Geneva Motor Show, which gets underway on March 1, Gumpert has given us a sneak peak. It released its first rendering of the Tornante earlier this week. 

The car definitely has some softer, more refined curves and looks a lot more like a car that's as fitting for the country club as it is for the track. Of course, we'll have to reserve our final judgment until we see the car from all angles, but so far so good. 

While the Tornante gets toned down in the looks department, it maintains the same fierce engine as the Apollo: an Audi 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8. The base-level Tornante will have 700-horsepower on tap. Transferring all that power onto the rear axle is a six-speed automated manual transmission with paddle shifters. 

The Tornante will also remain true to Gumpert's tradition of lightweight design. While it won't be as light as the minimalist Apollo, it will share some lightweight parts including the carbon fiber monocoque tub and composite body panels. 

Gumpert has only gotten so far as a prototype and plans to get the production model ready in time for next year. Unfortunately, that means that we don't have any performance specs on the new car. But using the Apollo's 3-second to 62 mph and 224 mph top speed as a starting point, the Tornante should be both attractive and highly capable. 

Via Motor Trend  and Autocar