First Look At The Blade From Avid Union

As a frequent flier, one of the biggest decisions before a flight is deciding what to pack, and how to do it. With baggage costs rising, many flyers have tried to circumvent baggage fees by using more versatile carry on luggage. The problem is that many times this luggage isn't actually versatile. That gym bag might work fine, but it's not going to look good when you enter your business meeting the next day. Enter the Blade, from Avid Union.


Designed with business people and modern day adventures in mind, the Blade has a lot of features for the modern professional. Expandable pockets allow users to store laptop power supplies, tablets, and phone chargers. Concealed pockets let you securely carry things like money, identification, and passports. The back of the Blade contains a slit in it that allows you to slide the Blade over your rollable luggage's handle, keeping it secure. Great for busy airports.

Quickly store the bag's strap into one of the pockets, and your messenger bag is now a modern briefcase, perfect for your laptop and any files you may be transporting. The handle, which is steel wrapped in vegan leather, is both stylish and sturdy, meaning you can carry that weight in confidence. With just a couple more adjustments, the modern briefcase becomes a backpack. Perfect for city commutes and weekend warriors, alike.

The Blade is made out of premium vegan leather and tight carbon fiber weave. This ensures that not only will the Blade look good, but that it will help shield your valuables and electronics from the elements. Also, like the Tech Jacket from Avid Union, the Blade has a secure RFID pocket to protect the chips inside your debit and credit cards from modern day pick pocket hackers.


Designed to be the most versatile bag on the market, the Blade transforms from carry-on bag, to laptop bag, to backpack in a matter of seconds. Coming from the company that brought us the Tech Jacket and The Double Rib, Avid Union has a proven track record with "smart" clothing and accessories.

Keep a lookout for the Blade. It is set to start its Kickstarter phase middle of March. We will update this post when the official campaign launches. It is too early to say if this product will be a hit, but if Avid Union's past products are any indication, there is a good chance the Blade will continue to live up to this reviewer's expectations. 


 Source: Avid Union