First Robot To Preside Over Japanese Wedding Ceremony

Unique wedding venues have included skydivers leaping from planes and scuba divers submerged below the Deep Blue. Bridal parties of recent date have been known to rock 'n roll down the aisle. However those that actually conduct the ceremony are usually human, albeit the Elvis Presley impersonators you might be able to hire in Vegas. So exchanging your vows with the aid of a robot minister is definitely a 21st Century first.

While all eyes are usually on the bride, a 4-foot robot assembled by a company called i-Fairy stole the show when Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata said their "I Do's." 

Requesting the robot was the result of the couple meeting in a world populated by robots. The bride Satoko who works for i-Fairy met her husband when he became a client of the company. "It's true that robots are what caused us to first begin going out, and as suggested by my wife, we decided that we wanted to try this sort of wedding," Shibata said after making his vows."

Since Japan is home to almost half the world's 800,000 industrial robots in an industry that is approaching $10 billion, it was fitting that the i-Fairy robot conduct this ceremony.

After saying "I do," the bride said that she wanted to use her wedding to show people that robots can easily fit into their daily lives.

"I always felt that robots would become more integrated into people's everyday lives. This cute robot is part of my company, I decided that I would love to have it at my ceremony," Inoue said.

While the video is in Japanese, you gotta love this robot's ability to deliver its lines, without any slip-ups. The floral headdress and plastic pigtails seems to indicate that this robot is not your run-of-the-mill robot priest … but more likely, a robot priestess!