First Solar-Powered Speedboat to Hit the Water

Solar-Powered cars are nothing new. People have been refining and revamping the design for quite some time now. As we shift toward more eco-friendly modes of transportation, it was only a matter of time until those ideas and designs were put to use elsewhere, even if elsewhere isn't on land.

The MK1, manufactured by Czeers Solarboats, is the first of its kind to hit the water. A semi-custom solar/electric motor are responsible for moving the sleek boat through the water. It measures 10 meters in length, most of which is used to hold the over 14 square meters of photovoltaic cells needed to keep a constant flow of power.

Just because it's environmentally friendly, doesn't mean it can't also be luxurious. The driver is seated in the middle for optimum view while 2 passengers can sit on either side. Although seating is limited to only 3 people, at least they will be sitting in comfort. The interior was designed using the highest quality materials, while still remaining durable and ready for the sea-going environment.

Everything on the vessel is controlled through an LCD touch screen located directly above the steering wheel. It can feed the captain critical information about the operating status of the boat or be used as a traditional cluster for more relaxed trips. Carbon fiber surrounds the cabin area to help keep weight to a minimum while still offering stability and safety to everyone aboard.

At the stern, a small set of "hide-away" stairs can be used to board the MK1 without a risk of injury or damage to the solar panels. Czeer also offers a sunshade that attaches to the hull and extends to shield the entire cabin for when the sun is just too bright.

The combination of a lightweight design and more efficient electric motor give the MK1 a top speed of 30 knots or 35mph. Faster boats are available, but keep in mind the nature of the MK1's design. All that technology doesn't come cheap, which might be why Czeers will only give a price if you call and request additional information.

Source : Czeers , Tuvie , UberReview

Dec 11, 2008
by Anonymous


I love the concept but my question is i wonder if this coul be done with a house boat on potoons