First Warning Systems Creates Early Cancer Warning Bra (Video)


First Warning Systems Self Screening Bra: image via gizmodo.comFirst Warning Systems Self Screening Bra: image via gizmodo.comA fortunate set of circumstances put 24-year old nurse Nedra Lindsay in an investigative study linking non-circadean temperatures in breast cells to abnormal growths within the breasts  At her age, breast cancer was the last thing she expected to be faced with, but her study results indicated a follow-up with mammography....

Lindsay's mammogram indicated cysts in her breasts, and subsequent biopsies showed cancerous cells in the cysts. These cysts were so tiny that they would have not been detected in a self-examination or in a yearly physical.  They may have taken 12 years to reach that stage, and they may not have even been detected for 15 or so years, when Lindsay began getting regular mammograms.

But Lindsay's breast cancer was caught early, very early, thanks to studies on a method of breast screening that is now ready to be commercialized in Europe and, if the FDA approves, in the U.S. by 2014. Lindsay is now a 19 year cancer survivor.


First Warning Systems Self Screening Bra: image via gizmodo.comFirst Warning Systems Self Screening Bra: image via


The above images are of a First Warning Systems self-screening bra.  It is worn daily and its algorithms measure subtle changes in temperature in breast cells by area.  Through temperature variations, this bra is able to tell the difference between natural circadian temperatures in breast tissue and temperatures caused by abnormal blood vessel growth symptomatic of tumor building.  These readings are picked up by pattern recognition software and read when the data is uploaded into a special program accessible to the user. 

Three major trials and 650 women have shown the First Warning Systems self-screening bra to be over 90 percent accurate at all ages of testing. This compares with a 70 percent accuracy of mammograms. 

Here is First Warning Systems video demonstration of the Breast Self Examination (BSE) bra...



If it is possible to detect cancer's beginnings 12 - 20 years earlier than it is being detected now, let's hope that nothing stands in the way of that device's universal use.


Thanks to Steve Levenstein for bringing First Warning Signs to my attention.


Oct 17, 2012
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