Fish Day Or Night With e-striker Fishing Rod Holder


Fishing is generally considered a daytime activity. However, some like to night fish. That usually means less visibility and if you're fising with a cork, sometimes you don't know when you have a strike on your line. The e-striker makes fishing, especially night fishing, more convenient.

The e-striker employs a built in bite alarm, which is powered by two button batteries. With this alarm, you can be 60 feet away and still hear the alarm sound when a fish strikes your line. This is ideal for fishing catfish. Just throw your nightcrawler into the murky depths, set up your rod on the e-striker and wait to hear the buzzer telling you a behoumouth is on your line. 

Fishing At SunsetFishing At Sunset

The e-striker utilizes a sensor that detects when the rod is pulled forward, as it does when a fish strikes it, and when you're done fishing, just fold up the unit for easy stowing. e-striker also has a built in light, which is great for night fishing as well. Not only does it alert you to a fish on your line, but it allows you to see that fish as well.

e-striker Fishing Rod Holdere-striker Fishing Rod Holder

Gabriel Keossian, designer of e-striker, has set up a Kickstarter page and is currently looking for funding so that he can start mass production on this fishing gadget. If you're an avid fisherman, or you just want to try out some night fishing, you may want to visit e-striker's Kickstarter page and pre-order your own. Twenty dollars will get you an e-striker, and if you pledge more, you'll get more.