Fish-Shaped Mobile Battery Sparks Devices, Smiles & Appetites

There's something fishy about the 6000mAh SOSOGE! TAIYAKIKUN, a mobile battery that puts portable power in the palm of your hand. Modeled after a taiyaki (a delicious traditional Japanese pastry) with glowing golden eyes, the SOSOGE! TAIYAKIKUN is a high-efficiency lithium ion battery that charges all sorts of mobile devices while sparking your appetite in the process.

This piscine spewer of energetic electrons is the brainchild of NATURAL design, a creative firm based in Nagoya, Japan. Styled to resemble Taiyaki – delicious pastries typically stuffed with sweet red bean paste, the SOSOGE! TAIYAKIKUN measures 123 x 82 x 25mm (roughly 5” by 3.25” by 1”)). 

Supporting both Android and iOS devices, the battery inputs juice via a DC5V 1.0A microUSB cable/connector and dispenses it through a DC5V 1.3A USB cable/connector. Although it can take up to 8 hours to charge, the battery's 6000mAh capacity is enough to charge up an average mobile device 2 or 3 times and as it's doing its thing, the battery's eyes blaze with a luminous, Hypnotoad-like glow. ALL HAIL! Er, where were we?

Anyway, while you're charging up your iPhone, iPad mini, MicroUSB compatible smartphone, PSP, Wi-Fi router and more, rest assured the battery's automatic protective functions are working to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, electrical short circuiting and/or overheating.

Choose from two exterior finishes – metallic gold or toasty pastry tan – and enjoy the included accessories: a battery charging cord (USB-microUSB), a microUSB-lightning adapter, and a rustic drawstring bag. Order your very own SOSOGE! TAIYAKIKUN direct from Amazon Japan or via White Rabbit Express's English language product page.