The Goldfish World Cup or 10 Sports You Can Teach Your Pet Fish

I doubt if B.F.Skinner ever thought his training methods would be applied to soccer training for goldfish, but they are now! Dr. Dean Pomerleau has developed a training kit to aid you in training pet fish to play soccer and other un-fish like sports, using the operant conditioning training methods he uses to train larger sea animals.

The RB Fish School kit, produced by R2Solutions has all the tools you need, including a training manual, a training video, and all the equipment your pet fish needs to play. Here are:

10 Sports You Can Teach Your Pet Fish

1. Soccer

2. Basketball

3. Fetch

4. Swimming through hoops

5. The Limbo Dance

6. Weaving

7. Swimming through tunnels

8. Football

9. Slalom skiing

10. Eating out of your hand. (This is a true sport for fish!)


Take a peek at this short video. It is pretty amusing and amazing!



The R2 Fish School is available from for $40.00 Fish School really does look like a fun way to interact with your pet fish. If anyone teaches two fish to play any sport with each other, please let us know!

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Jan 5, 2009
by Anonymous

i think is a bit dangerous

i think is a bit dangerous xD