Fiskars New Reel Mower, Sharper, Stronger, Wider

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I had a reel mower not long ago. Long story short, I stopped using it after about a year. It worked well cutting high grass as long as there was no other debris on the ground (pinecones, twigs, etc.) and the ground was very dry. Could Fiskars innovative reel mower turn me back to reel mowers once again?


The Momentum reel mower designed by the Fiskars company has 5 sharp, thick and wide blades that give it extra cutting power and will cut through twigs, or high grass (up to 4 inches and as short as 1 inch) easily. There is no need to sharpen the mower annually and the grass clippings are thrown forward instead of backward. In addition, "The unique Fiskars mower design means that it mows edges up to three times closer than other reel mowers, and uncut strips of grass are never left underneath either wheel" (  Some of the other great features this innovative reel mower has to offer are:

• 4 year manufacturer warranty
• Weighs 53 pounds
• Sealed ball bearings
• Durable steel gears
• 18 inch cutting width
• Features greatest cutting range of any reel mower on the market
• Cutting blades extended across the entire length of mower
• Cutting set up is simple due to top mount blade adjustment dials
• Padded three dimensional grip handle can adjust to different heights
• Adjusts height with one touch
• Lifting handle makes transportation easier
• Long wheel base results in a level cut
• Close edging possible due to inset wheels and a forward position reel
• Uncut strips of grass under wheels eliminated due to inset rear wheels

So does it work? At almost $250 it is out of my price range to buy to try right now so, I have to say, I don't know, but the description of this mower seems to tackle and solve all the problems I had (and many other reel mower owners have) with my reel mower. My hope is that someone out there has had a chance to try the Momentum reel mower and will let us all know, "Does it work?" in the comments below.

For more information about Fiskars Momentum reel lawn mower click here.