Fit Plus Wear: Clothing Tailored For Your Fitness Needs

Fit Plus WearFit Plus Wear

When shopping for workout clothes, style is, of course, important. Things like comfort, compression, cell phone logistics and how your butt looks are also important. The designers of Fit Plus Wear took all of these things into consideration when designing their line of workout clothing.

Cindy Ross and Heather Harp designed their functional fitness tops and pants with the needs of working, athletic women in mind. As a mother, Heather felt it was necessary to have a place to store her phone, so the Fit Wear Yoga Pants and Capris have a built in pocket for a phone. Cindy, who has rheumatoid arthritis, wanted active wear that supports the joints, so the pants are designed for optimal compression.

Fit Plus Yoga PantsFit Plus Yoga Pants

These two designers also want their customers to look great in their Fit Plus Wear, so they designed their line to have a "slimming" look. Fit Plus Wear is tailored to fit a woman's body (with the help of stretchy fabrics, of course). The designers claim that their bottoms, which come in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL will make you look two sizes smaller. 

The "Hot Pocket," featured on the Yoga Pants and Capris, is basically built-in smart phone storage. It is water proof and sweat proof. With the Fit Plus Wear bottoms, you won't need bulky smart phone pouches, arm bands or belt clips. Just put the phone in your pocket and workout while you listen to your tunes and staying connected with your family.

Fit Plus TopFit Plus Top

Fit Plus Wear also offers tops that are cut to optimally fit a woman's body. The tops come in yellow, purple and light blue, and you can get them in tanks, v-necks or scoop necks. Made with moisture-wicking fabric, these tops not only look great, but they will keep you comfortable during the hardest, sweatiest workouts or during a simple trip to the grocery store.

Women, if you want some great looking, functional workout clothes, you may want to look into the Fit Plus Wear line. You can check out the Fit Plus Wear website to browse their selection, find out more information on the line and order your own wardrobe.