Fit Spotting App Is The Yelp For Hotel Gyms And Fitness Centers

Fit SpottingFit Spotting

If you've ever tried to keep up with your fitness routine while traveling, you know how difficult that can be. Not all hotel gyms have the equipment you may need, and sometimes it can be hard to find a nearby gym. Fit Spotting is a new mobile app that will give you the low-down on hotel gyms around the world.

This new app is the Yelp of hotel gyms and fitness centers. Users upload photos and reviews of gyms and fitness centers and it all goes into the Fit Spotting database, and any Fit Spotting user can access those photos and reviews. Fit Spotting currently has more than 100,000 hotels on file in over 20 countries. 

Hotel GymHotel Gym

With Fit Spotting, you can pick your next hotel based on your fitness needs. Of course, I realize that may not be the only reason you may want to choose a hotel. However, it is an aspect of the hotel experience that most apps and sites neglect to provide information on and review. 

You can find Fit Spotting in your app store. It is a free app that is currently in an "expanding" phase. With more users, there will be more reviews and more fitness information on hotels. You can check it out in your app store or find more information on the Fit Spotting Kickstarter page