This Personal Health Coach Even Goes To Bed With You: The Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit Tracker monitors your sleep all night long.: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker monitors your sleep all night long.: ©Fitbit Inc. If you want real personal company with you, even at night, the Fitbit Tracker will be there!  It hangs out with you during the day to monitor your activities and watches over you at night to track your sleep.  And the volume of health information it can provide you is greater than any live personal trainer could give you... even if he or she did stay overnight.

How much exercise do you get every day? How many hours of sleep did you get last night?  The answers to these questions are very important to your health and performance each day, but the the fact is you don't know the answers - not the complete answers.

You're not going to change your exercise or sleep habits if you're not aware they need changing.  With what we now know about the importance of daily exercise and sleep on our body's ability to stabilize our insulin levels, it really pays to know a lot about these behaviors every day.  That's why I want to let you know about the Fitbit Tracker, a tracking system that measures...

  • the intensity and duration of the your physical activities,

  • your calories burned,

  • number of steps taken,

  • distance traveled,

  • how long it took you to fall asleep,

  • the number of times you woke up throughout the night, and

  • how long you were actually asleep vs just lying in bed

You can't begin to compare the Fitbit Tracker to a pedometer, so forget the excuse 'Oh, I already have a pedometer.'  The Fitbit Tracker is totally different.

Fitbit Tracker is 1.5" long and weighs only an ounce: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker is 1.5" long and weighs only an ounce: ©Fitbit Inc.It has a 3D motion sensor like the technology used to monitor astronauts in space or, perhaps better known, one like that found in the Nintendo Wii.  You wear it all the time and it works continuously in your pocket, clipped to your clothing, or on your wrist (at night).  Just make sure that the device is securely fastened to your clothing, so you don't loose it!  

The Fitbit only takes 60 to 90 minutes to charge and it can work for between 5 and 10 days without recharging.  When you come within 15 feet of the charger, your data will automatically upload to it. Then, when you're ready to log onto the Fitbit Tracker website, you can instantly upload your data to the site, which will maintain it and provide information and analysis not available from the Fitbit's OLED screen.


Fitbit Tracker sleep display: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker sleep display: ©Fitbit Inc.


The website, in fact, comes in really handy to input activities that the Fitbit Tracker can't monitor, like swimming.  Fitbit also doesn't do a good job of tracking cycling activities, so if you bike, you'll want to input that data yourself.  In these cases, the program will ask you to estimate time, distance, level of exertion and other factors and then merge that data into your overall profile for the day, week, month, etc.  

Also, you can enter what you have eaten daily in the computer program, if you want to track your eating habits and learn if your activity level is sufficient to burn your calories.

Here are just a few of the charts you will be able to create on the site...


 Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.


Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.


Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.


Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.Fitbit Tracker screen shot: ©Fitbit Inc.


The Fitbit Tracker comes with everything you need for your health program; the Tracker, charger, travel case, clothing clip, wrist band, and software. It is like having a personal health coach with you at all times.  And the information you want to know about your health is available to you just by asking.

I refer you to the Fitbit Tracker website for more information.  You can order the Fitbit from the website, many fitness stores or from Amazon.

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