Fitness Shoes For The Fashionista: Running Heels

Some women just don't want to go anywhere without their heels, and with this in mind, one brand of shoes has taken heels to a place they've never been before with heels designed for fitness.

The fitness heels by B by Aperire feature fashionable styles with one twist; they use the same material for the soles as traditional running shoes. While this may increase the comfort of women who have jobs where they work on their feet and have to dress to the nines; I can see emergency room trips for broken or sprained ankles if women try to take this trend too literally and hit the gym or the track in these unique shoes.

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Via: Racked

Aug 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Heels for Running

I think these are definitely not for the gym because how strange would that be! I checked their website and they are all about fun and comfort not the gym. Who wrote this? Anyways, I don't like the shoes up there but I did love some of their other styles - awesome for L.A!