Fits.Me Mannequin Gives Online Shoppers A Way To 'Try On' Clothes


Online shopping has become immensely popular in recent years, especially for the holidays.  People love the idea of avoiding the crowds and saving on gas.  I love to go out shopping, but even I have jumped on the online shopping bandwagon to some extent.  There are some great bargains to be found online and they can be hard to resist.  One type of item that is still difficult to buy outside of the stores though, is clothing.  Even with measurements in hand it can be tough to know exactly how an item will fit.  While many sites have a good return policy for articles that do not work out, it is kind of a hassle to re-package and send things back and then wait around for a refund.

Well, with the new Fits.Me mannequin being tested by several overseas retailers, a person can virtually ‘try on’ clothes to find out how they will fit before ordering.  The robot, which is currently only made in a male version, has moving pieces that can shift to form 2000 different body shapes.  Once a customer has entered his specific measurements, photos of the item he is considering buying will appear on his virtual body.

This sounds like a great idea and could probably become very popular with guys, who often do not enjoy the mall experience.  Once there is a female version I can imagine it becoming all the rage for jeans and bathing suit shopping.  After all, seeing virtual flab hanging over a pair of jeans has got to be less traumatic than seeing the real thing.  Right? 

Source: Crave

Oct 10, 2010
by Anonymous

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Hi Kim,

I'm from and wanted to thank you for the article. We'll promise to make it not traumatic at all for everyone.

Oct 15, 2010
by Kim Patterson


I am glad that you liked the article and can't wait to see the mannequin being used all over the online shopping world.  Thanks so much for reading and for your comments!