Seven Gadgets That Practically Clean Your Home While You Play


Whether you live on your own or with your parents, or if your house is big or small, cleaning and maintenance are essential aspects to every home. From the seasonal cleaning to the light touch up, there is always something that needs to be cleaned. There are some great tips on home maintenance available and, luckily, technology is making our lives easier by creating some useful and interesting equipment that can practically clean your home for you. Here's some of the best gadgets to help clean your home while you play:

Roomba / Scooba

While Roomba and Scooba are not exactly a novelty, given that they were launched well inside the last decade, it still is one of most useful equipments available for home cleaning. These robotic vacuum cleaners are autonomous and can avoid obstacles using basic sensors. They also have two independently operating wheels, which allows for these devices to turn 360 degrees. Even though they might be slower than regular vacuuming, with them you do not have to worry about dirt on the floor anymore. They get great reviews and people love them. Their price range is located between $129.99 and $549.99, depending on the model, and there are also some "curious" models available.

Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box

In case you have a cat as a pet, you know gross and smelly its cats' litterboxes can get. In order to save you time and frustrations, there is the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box. This intelligent equipment senses when the cat enters and leaves the box, pouring the waste to a sealed containment unit. It works for as longe as a week, which certainly saves you time and, in case you ever need to travel for a few days, it gives you the safety of knowing that, on your return, you will not have a smelly home.

iRobot Looj

Another home maintenance/cleaning task that not only is tedious but also quite dangerous is gutter cleaning, which is a nightmare specially during the Fall. The iRobot Looj robots are designed to do this work for you; just put them in one side of the gutter, and control it with the remote. Its spinning brushes throw all the leaves, dirt and so on out, while you are safe on the ground.


Lawn mowing is a task which has to be performed regularly - from all the ones I mentioned (discarding vacuuming), it is the one we must do more often. Or, in case we own a LawnBott, we just have to "program" it and the robot will do the hard work. It is a little bit expensive ($1000 to $2,799 depending on the model), but it will definitely ease your labor. LawnBott just needs you to set the definitions as you like, such as the days in which the robot should operate, and it will automatically leave its dock, do its thing, and return to the dock. LawnBott's battery lasts for as much as 3 hours and it consumes only $7 to $10 in electricity per year.

Autonomous Pool Cleaners

Similarly to gutters, pools also need some seasonal maintenance and cleaning, which can also be a long and boring task. Technology has also struck this market niche, creating autonomous pool cleaning robots. There are several types available, some used to filter the water and some others to clean the bottom of the pool. There are also various brands, like Pentair, Aquabot and iRobot.

Air Cleaners

If you are asthmatic or have some kind of allergies, you know how important a clean house is. But fear not, because technology has also designed something to help you. Air cleaners come in different sizes and shapes (such as this one), but in common they all have the ability of removing contaminants from the air. From allergens to tobacco smoke, they surely will make the surrounding air and more purified.

These 7 devices work with you to ease the burden on cleaning up your home.  Do you think these would be useful in your home? Which  home cleaning and maintenance equipment can you not live without?

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