Five Innovative Costume Ideas for a Geek-Freak-Chic Halloween

 Geeks love Halloween and all of its ghoulish implications just as much as anyone else who dares to celebrate this pagan holiday. Geek costume choices should reflect the chosen lifestyle, and the selections are somewhat limited. Or at least, they have been up to now. But cheer up or at least look up and check out the five cool costume ideas listed below that you can make yourself and that are just there for the trick or treating.

Costume # 1


Abby Scuito: Source: BuddyTV.comAbby Scuito: Source:


If NCIS is your favorite tv show, you might want to consider making a guest appearance at your next Halloween costume party  as forensic scientist and lovable Goth genius, Abby Scuito. To pull it off, you must first think 'goth' and then 'geek', and then get to work. First, any black outfit will do, as long as it is covered with a lab coat and coupled with clunky Frankenstein-like boots. You will also need Goth jewelry,  a pig-tailed hair-do and bright red lipstick. Voilá, Madame Abby at her shining best!

Costume # 2


Walter White: Souce: Inquistr.comWalter White: Souce:


If high-school chemistry eacher turned meth-mastermind and drug kingpin, Walter White from AMC's Breaking Bad is one of your favorite, anti-hero bad boys, you can pay dashng tribute to his faded reign with a do-it - yourself costume inspired by the character in the series' pilot episode Beg, borrow or thrift-shop buy an oversized green shirt (perhaps left over from last year's St. Pat's celebration?) and a pair of white work-out shorts. Argyle socks, mocassins, a pair of old-style glasses, a fake moustache and a gas mask complete this costume.

Costume # 3


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Source: Buffy.Wikia.comBuffy The Vampire Slayer: Source:


Buffy the vampire slayer is the epitome of Halloween symbolism and it is an outit that can be assembled without having to look further than the back of your own closet. A white maxi-dress and leather jacket are your two primary props as they represent her most iconic look from the Prom outfit she wore in the Season 1 finale episode. You might want to add a cross-bow, a clunky cross necklace and a stake dipped in red paint.

Costume # 4


Misty from Pokemon: Source: DragoArt.comMisty from Pokemon: Source:


Misty the Water Trainer from Pokemon is among the easiest of costumes to create as most of what you need is undoubtedly already in your closet; particularly the denim cutoffs and colorful sneakers. You might need to buy a yellow top, which can be a thrift-store tee or a long-sleeved shirt cut off. Orange hair may present  some obstacles, but use your imagination and consider an orange turban or wig or maybe even a mop dyed orange. Improvise and be happy.

Costume # 5


Vanellope Von Schweetz: Source: Pinterest.comVanellope Von Schweetz: Source:


Vanellope von Schweetz from Disney's Wreck-it Ralph  is a tom-boyish child whose life is filled with humor. Her costume has a few minimal requirements that you can easily find and assemble. Candy colors are of vital importance here as well as a signature teal hoodie (no other color will do). A brown pleated skirt, brightly colored tights and vivid hair ties or clips complete the picture. If you are sure you won't be out in the rain, you could get really daring and try putting glue on actual candy and attaching it to the hair clips, but check the forecast first and proceed at your own risk.


Whatever you do this Halloween  and whomever you decide to impersonate at your next costume party, enjoy this very special, geek-chic time of year out for those goblins lurking by your front door and your computer as well.

Closing thoughts on costumes and Halloween

On Halloween, the parents send their kids out looking like me.~ Rodney Dangerfield

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