Five Inventive Products To Keep Children Cool While In The Car Or Stroller

Car seats are meant to keep our children safe, not to keep them cool. The same goes for strollers. Both are necessary and convenient when traveling with our kids, running errands, or trips to the park or beach. But our children’s body temperatures can heat up much faster than our own, and overheating is a very real and very scary concern for parents, especially on hot days and in hot cars.

When our children become hot, they get sweaty and fussy. But when they become too hot, symptoms like confusion, lethargy, or vomiting may be signs of heat stroke. The below products are not meant to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Parents need to be aware of the air temperature and their child’s temperature and adjust time outside or in the car accordingly to best prevent overheating.

The following five products are inventive ways to help parents keep their children cool while in the car seat or stroller.

Best Car Seat Liner: Meeno Baby Cool Mee Seat Liner

Car seats are safe and their fabric is durable and sometimes soft, but car seats can leave your baby’s back and head sweaty, even on cool days. Car seat material is not breathable or wicking, which makes hot days feel even hotter when your child is running errands with you or sleeping in the car during road trips. The Meeno Baby Cool Mee Seat Liner is made with 3-ply poly-mesh which allows air to flow between your child’s back and their car seat. This lets warm air escape and keeps your child cooler.

Cool Mee Seat Liners are designed to fit most car seats. They are easy to install, stay in your child’s seat, and have passed all safety standards, including crash tests. The four colors can be purchased for either bucket car seats or bigger, convertible car seats and boosters. The fabric is machine washable for easy care.

Meeno also makes a Cool Mee Stroller Liner and is universally designed to fit most 5-point harness strollers. The soft, breathable fabric comes in the same color choices as the car seat liner.

Cutting Edge Cooling Technology: Geleeo Universal Stroller Cooling Pad

Warm days are perfect for walks, but a child can get sweaty and sticky when strapped into a stroller for too long. The award winning Geleeo Universal Stroller Cooling Pad was designed to solve this problem. Meant for a stroller only, the unique hydrophilic cooling gel in each pad keeps your child cool by absorbing and displacing body heat. In combination with other non-toxic elements, the gel contains water and works like water to absorb heat and lower body temperature.

It comes in four reversible color combinations and is made to fit all strollers with detachable straps. The fabric is waterproof and can be wiped clean. The Geleeo website claims that their product provides a “gentle and cooling sensation” for your child while on the go. The website makes no such claims for the parents pushing the stroller.

Long Lasting Coolness: Cool Carats COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler

Cool Carats COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler is an ice pack for your child’s car seat. Put it in the freezer overnight, and grab it when you and your child are ready to go. It comes in three slick and stylish designs, but it is NOT meant to be used while your child is in their car seat. If your car is hot before leaving the house, put the cooler on top of the car seat, covering the buckles and straps. When you are ready to go, fold the cooler and tuck it away. Upon arriving at the park, store or wherever the day takes you, fold the cooler and place it back over the car seat. It will keep your child’s seat cool for the next time you are ready to buckle them in.

The COOLTECH material is self-insulating so no gel packs are required. And reviews have stated that the cooling pad stays cool for a surprisingly long time. However, when not in use for hours, it is recommended that you keep the cooler folded. For example, after dropping your child off at day care or school, tuck the cooler away and use it again on your way to pick them up.

A potential downside to the COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler is that parents need to remember it. I can barely remember my wallet when leaving the house, so adding one more thing may be a challenge. Another issue could be the space it takes while it is in the freezer. Let’s hope there is room next to the hot dogs and chicken nuggets, because Costco trumps all else in our house.

Compact And Easy To Carry: Chilly Seat Car Seat Cooler

The Chilly Seat Car Seat Cooler by Honey’s Solutions does the same thing as the Cool Carats Car Seat Cooler, but in a less stylish way. But it’s not as big so it likely won’t cover as much of your car seat as you would like. The Cryo Gel cooling packs are placed in the freezer overnight and then slipped into the durable, insulated Chilly Seat. It’s made to fit any car seat, and the Chilly Seat has an adjustable strap which makes for easy and hands-free transport to and from the car.

The Chilly Seat packs take up less freezer space than the COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler, but you still need to remember to grab them before you go. I would likely place the Chilly Seat next to the back pack we use as a diaper bag to help me remember the cooling packs.

Cheapest, Time Tested Favorite: Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade

For years we have seen the shiny, silver steering wheel covers or window shades in cars to keep the sun from beating in. While the Jiffy Pop looking covers do not cool the car, they do keep the interior temperatures lower. They also save your skin from being burned if your car is left in the sun for too long, allowing surfaces to become too hot to touch.

Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade works the same way. It keeps heat and UV rays from your child’s car seat. It’s lightweight, large enough to stretch over most car seats on the market, and easily folds away when not in use. You can put it in your car and leave it there, so there isn’t the risk of forgetting it at home. The manufacturer states that the Sun Shade keeps a car seat 26 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a car seat without one. That is a big enough difference for me to spend less than $10 on a product that will keep my kids comfortable and safe from hot buckles and straps.  

We really can't put a price on our children's safety, but the cost of these products may be worth the money to help keep our children cool while in their car seat or stroller.

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