The Five Biggest Robotics Trends to Watch in 2013

Robot MaidRobot Maid

When it comes to robots there are a lot of innovations to watch, a lot of new things to do see and a many trends to watch. That is why today we are going to take a look at some of the biggest trends in robotics that you should keep an eye on in 2013. After all you’re not part robot (yet) so you can’t watch all the data on the web at once.


Student Competitions Hitting High Schools in A Big Way, With Impressive Results


The odds are good that when you think robot you think big names and big budget research labs. You probably do not picture a few kids in shop class, or piled up in a garage making their own robots at least ones that work. The trend however is exactly that students in places such out of the way places as Westport, CT and Sharonville, OH are getting into the robot game in a big way with working prototypes that will make more than their parents proud.

Companies and Universities Pairing Up Resources

So maybe a university and a company pairing up to make robots happen does not sounds like a big deal, but collaborations such as the one going on in Boston will allow smaller companies access to resources that would be too costly to access on their own. This will push greater competition in the industry and allow new innovators to get to market sooner.

More Robots in The Business

For now most of us think of robots as the stuff of factor floors, but as some restaurants have already noticed having a robot worker can be a big draw. That trend is on the rise. According to research put out by the Robotics Trade Association the number of commercial robots went up in 2012, and it is expected to continue this year as well.

Robot Recycling

Recycling has always been an important, if overlooked part of technology, but now the highest of tech is getting into the act. Robot authorities, and major players in the collaboration of most military grade robots, DARPA, is speaking up to encourage that technology of all kinds re-uses technology wisely and make better use of older pieces.

A Challenge to Nano Technology

Nano Technology, or the use of very small robots, has a lot of potential in the medical field, for micro- repair work and in creating amazing modular robots in the style of the Terminator. While we are a long was off from that kind of technology the truth is that this fledgling science is already dealing with some serious challenges. According to research recently put out the more religious a person is the less likely they are to be in support of a technology so small they can’t see it. Since public perceptions do, in some ways, influence the way that grant money is spent this could be a real problem.


There you have it. If you keep an eye on this areas you will be sure to see most of what is hot in robots in 2013. Of course the field is growing so fast that there will always be a fun wild card discovery waiting for you read about.

Image Source: Morgue File