Five Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts For The Gamer In Your Life

The word of the day, ladies and gentlemen, is "procrastination." 

Christmas is around the corner. Do you know where your gifts are? I'm certain there are at least a few of you who've neglected to buy their gifts, and are desperately scrambling to get everything done now as a result. Allow me to help you along. Presented here are a few last-minute presents any gamer would love to see under their tree. 

Check Out The Steam Christmas Sale

For those of you who don't already know, Steam is currently the largest online distributor of digital game content. Chances are very good that if you know someone who plays video games on the PC, they've got a Steam account. Even better, Valve (the company behind the platform) is currently running a Christmas sale, offering huge discounts on some of the best, most popular content available online. If you're wracking your brain trying to figure out what to buy your loved one, why not pop over to Steam and see what you can find?  

Pick Up Some Riot Points

I know I've plugged Riot Points as a viable gift idea before, but it's definitely worth mentioning them again- after all, League of Legends is currently one of the most-played games in the world. Swing by Wal Mart, best Buy, GameStop, or...well, pretty much any store that sells video games, and they should have at least a few point cards in stock. Of course, you could always buy a copy of the game for them, as well, which comes with a selection of characters, an exclusive skin(alternative appearance), special runes, and extra Riot Points (used to buy characters and skins in the store) 

Get Express Delivery From Amazon

Okay, let's say you already know what you want to get, but you either can't find it anywhere or don't have the time to go and purchase it. Not to worry - Amazon's got you covered. Whatever gift you're getting, you can probably find it on the site with relative ease. Further, you can select one-day or two-day delivery to ensure you'll have the gift ready and waiting to wrap on Christmas Eve (or available under the tree on Christmas Morning). Sign up for Amazon Prime, and you'll even be able to get your gifts shipped for free (or at a significant discount, if you choose the one-day shipping option). Not a bad offer, right?

Ask About Their Subscriptions

There's actually a fairly decent chance that, if the person you're buying for plays online, they've got at least one subscription they need to manage. If they've a 360 or Xbox One, they might have an Xbox Live Account; a Playstation 3 or 4 could mean they're paying for (or interesting in paying for) PlayStation Plus. On PC, they might be subscribed to any of a huge list of MMORPGs, including (but certainly not limited to)  World of Warcraft

Try Gaming With Them

Last, but certainly not least, if you've a significant other who plays video games, why not try finding the time to sit down and understand their hobby? After all, you're presumably a huge part of their life. They might appreciate the effort. Why not try picking up a copy of Portal 2 or WarioWare? If you feel like dropping a particularly significant amount of coin, you might even consider buying Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, and a pair of matching 3DS XL handhelds.

Now, I feel like I need to add a disclaimer here: not every gamer wants to play with the person they're dating. Make sure you're absolutely certain that your significant other is one who does before you go down this road. Otherwise, it could make for a very awkward Christmas morning. 


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