When Big Is Better: Five Smart Larger-Than-Life Ads

Sometimes it takes a large or outlandish ad to get noticed. Here are five examples of innovative larger-than-life advertising, installed in untraditional spaces, that are sure to attract attention.

Big is Better for Organic Carrots

Owen Jones & Partners, in Portland, Oregon, installed six gigantic carrots around trees to promote a local farmer's market. The agency also attached ads to car antennas, to approximate skewers.


Cling Film Sticks to Freshness



This creative ad installation is for Toppits Cling Film. It is meant to visually represent the toughness and stickiness of the cling film. Additionally, the cleaner-looking brick underneath represents the way the cling film keeps what it covers fresh.


Life-Size Flooded House is a Call for Help

Using advertising to inspire positive action, this striking ad generated lots of buzz in Argentina. The house was built in a lake in order to highlight the need for aid after a flood. The ad installation was widely circulated in the media, garnering increased Red Cross Donations.


Subway Station Transformed into Grocery Store

This innovative ad installation in a South Korean subway station is for, unsurprisingly, a grocery store. Subway riders walk around the station's pillars and walls which have been made to look and feel like browsing in a grocery store.


Elevator Simulates Oreo Being Dunked

This pseudo-interactive ad uses an elevator to illustrate the act of dunking an Oreo into a glass of milk. The bottom piece, the glass of milk, remains on the ground. The elevator, displaying an image of an Oreo, appears to dunk the cookie into the milk as it rises and descends.


What do you think of advertising strategies that are this large and attention-getting? Would they make you stop and take note?

Source: Ads of the World