Five Pointed Eraser Keeps Your Work Looking Sharp

The Mirikeshi M700 five-pointed plastic eraser from Kokuyo has five different erasing heads to help you rub out your errors, and nothing else.

Erasers have reached their highest level of evolution in Japan and yet, new types and styles are continually being designed. Take the 28-sided eraser featured in a previous post; you'd think that would be tough to top... but you'd be wrong.

Introducing the Mirikeshi M700 plastic eraser, whose name might derive from the English word "miracle" and the Japanese word for eraser: "keshi". Cylindrical in shape but five-pointed in cross section, the Mirikeshi M700 offers users five different erasing heads to help ensure there's no annoying overlap when erasing.


Four of the heads are square tipped and come in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm widths - choose the head that matches the width of the word or line you want to erase. The fifth head is sharply pointed and is ideal for erasing fine details of a word, or even part of a letter.

The most obvious criticism of the 5-pointed design is that the heads - especially the pointed one - will quickly wear down and become useless for their stated purpose.

Well back off, buster, Kokuyo thought of that and came up with an ingenious solution: the body of the eraser is housed in a clear plastic cylinder and worn-down erasing heads can be detached like slices of bologna as needed, exposing a sharp new head. Bonus for kids - the discarded heads resemble tiny rubber ninja throwing stars and can be used accordingly. Sweet!

The Mirikeshi M700 plastic eraser measures 22mm by 50 mm (about 1" by 2") and costs 180 yen (around $1.95) each. Scheduled release date is May 13th, after which they will likely be found in the usual Japanese stationery stores, depato's and online through Rakuten and Rinkya.