Fix Your Flat In Under A Minute With patchnride


Unfortunate accidents happen. If you're a cyclist or ride the trails, flats happen, and changing a tire can be a complicated process even if you know how. With patchnride, anyone can fix a flat. Actually, anyone can fix a flat in under a minute. 

patchnride Kitpatchnride Kit

A simple, convenient tool, patchnride employs patent-pending technology that safely repairs any tire. You don't need any experience with bicycle repairs and you don't need to take the tire off the frame. All you need is the hand-held, easy to store patchnride tool. No more frustration at changing a tire and no more getting greasy doing so. 

patchnride Works On These Tirespatchnride Works On These Tires

Using patchnride is a piece of cake. First you locate the leak with the patchnride Leak Detector (basically a liquid that will bubble where air is being released. Then you insert a single-use patch pod to the patchnride and apply the tool to the punctured tire. Last, just pump air into the repaired tire and ride. 

It doesn't matter what type of tire you have, patchnride will work on all types. However, it's not recommended that you attempt to repair a hole over 3mm big. The integrity of the tire can be compromised with large punctures, so patchnride may not be an effective solution with large gashes. 

You can pre-order patchnride on their Indie Go Go site. You can also find more information on this awesome new product for cyclists there, or you can check out the patchnride website