Fix Those Heel Wedgies

All of us suffer from and live with heel wedgies. Heel wedgies are when when long pant bottoms get stuck in between the heel and the shoe as you walk. And it takes quite a few clumsy movements to look good again. It's a fashion faux pas we can live without.

Now, we all wear heels and I wish I had thought up this idea, but, well, since I did not, let me at least write on it.

Kix by Katie is a simple, affordable, cool and oh-so-innovative idea.

Kix by Katie is a stick-on, lightweight, supportive strip which is applied to the inside back hemline of pants. This useful innovative invention adds just a bit of extra weight to your pants, making them hang down nicely.

So bye-bye heel wedgies.

The best part about Kix by Katie is that no one realizes you are wearing them. This patent pending product is designed for multiple use and needs to be removed from the trousers before laundering or dry-cleaning. It is possible to reuse each strip, thereby extending the life of the product.

Kix by Katie comes in three colours - khaki, black and blue and costs $13 for 3 pairs.


Sep 25, 2008
by Anonymous


other people probably have come up with similar ideas but probably scrapped it could potential to ruin clothing. But that depends on how it is stuck on.

Sep 25, 2008
by Anonymous


I recently started using Kix By Katie and I love them. They work incredibly well and prevent me from having to do that "donkey kick" thing to get my pants unstuck from between my foot and shoe.

Your question about the adhesive is a good one, I wondered about that too. The inventor has found the perfect balance of an adhesive that stays put as many times as you wear those pants and then easily comes off before you wash them, I even accidentally washed jeans with them in there and the Kix just fell off in the wash without leaving any sticky residue - brilliant idea!

-Kathleen, Portland, Oregon