Fix Your Golf Game With The SensoGlove

Golf has always been one of the hardest sports to conquer. It was always said that golf is a relaxing game, but this can only be true when you actually know how to play the game. Any game that your bad at can quickly turn into a frustrating moment.


The SensoGlove can help you make the move from playing frustrating golf to playing relaxing golf. What the SensoGlove does is calculate the pressure of your grip and rate it from 1 to 18 which allows you to figure out what works best. It does this with a bunch of sensors and a tiny onboard computer. If you go above your target pressure the SensoGlove gives you a warning, which eventually creates a positive habit of grip strength.



The grip is an important aspect of the golf swing. Grip it too hard and it generally forces you to miss the ball or come around too fast. Grip it too soft and you’ll usually loose control of the club especially if you make contact with the ball. So get yourself a SensoGlove for $99 if your serious about improving your golf game.