Stars And Stripes Forever - Craziest American Flag Art

July Fourth, also known as Independence Day, is a time to celebrate the founding of America and commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Fireworks, parades and barbecues are in high gear at this time of year. In honor of this celebration, I would like to share with you some interesting flag art that I have come across.

Batsy RossBatsy Ross

Flag art made from baseball bats. I could have been doing this when I was a kid instead of being forced to play softball for the school. (Flag Art)

Flag made from 1,250 images portraying events of 9/11. (Flag Art)

Cat painted as American flag. Hmmm, this doesn't look too healthy for the cat. (Flag Art)

American flag street art in New York City. It's a good way to brighten a city up, that's for sure. (Flag Art)

Barack Obama made out of US flags. (Flag Art)

Tattoo flag artwork. Pretty cool, as it looks like the flag is bursting out of his skin, kind of like the Incredible Hulk bursts out of his shirt when he gets angry. (Flag Art)

Tree flag art in the park. Was the park ranger on break when this was done? (Flag Art)

Roadside rock handpainted with the American flag. (Flag Art)

Memorial Flag (Toy Soldiers)Memorial Flag (Toy Soldiers)

Flag designed by Dave Cole using 18,000 plastic men wielding guns. (Flag Art)

The story behind this huge rock in Iowa is this: For years kids have painted many things on this rock, from slogans, names and obscenities. Artist Ray Sorensen painted the rock with this newest artwork, and ever since then it hasn't been touched. Although the flag looks like it is draped over the rock, it's not. It's actually painted onto the rock. (Flag Art)

Looking at all of these makes me want to go out and create my own flag art. But instead, I'll be watching beautiful fireworks on the Fourth of July, probably getting drunk and passing out on the lawn.

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