Flag Stickers for Galaxy Phones Show Off Your Home (Button)

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners, raise the flag when you lift your phone! 'Touch Me!' Button Stickers from Japan's Strapya World allow patriotic Galaxy S and S-II owners to customize their Android handsets' Home buttons to show off their national flag.

Well, not ALL Galaxy owners... the initial release includes the flags of Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, Italy, the United States and South Korea (sorry, DPRK-ers) with one flag sticker of each country included in every pack of six stickers.

Though reasonably priced at just 380 yen (about $4.90) per package, the packaging concept itself raises some troubling issues. Ideally, the buyer will have 5 buddies from the 5 other nations ready and able to pay the purchaser 63.33 yen each for their own personal button sticker.

Why? Well, if you bought the stickers for the Brazil flag sticker, what are you expected to do with stickers from 5 non-Brazilian nations?

One supposes the flag button stickers could be packaged in, how do you say, “single serving” sizes but economics dictate that the packaging cost compared to the sale price of a single button sticker would be prohibitively high when produced in large quantities.

One may also suppose that since the button stickers can be removed but not re-applied, Galaxy smartphone owners are going to need a new button sticker each time they upgrade to the newest Galaxy smartphone (these button stickers fit the Galaxy S and S-II).

This presumes that the Home button of the newest Galaxy smartphone is going to have the same size and shape as that of the previous Galaxy smartphone. There's no guarantee that will be the case; images of screen protectors being made for the upcoming iPhone 5 indicate its Home button will be a thin, wide rectangle.

But hey – it's only 380 yen so why quibble. Join an international conversation club, take foreign language lessons or eat at ethnic restaurants... and don't forget to bring your extra button stickers with you. They may not be Olympic pins but these days the world could use all the extra peace & harmony it can get. Thanks in advance for doing your bit to help.