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Flash Some Serious Ice With A Bling Pop


When I was a kid one of the coolest kinds of candy you could get was a ring pop because it was part accessory and part treat.  You know the ones – they were a plastic ring with an enormous candy jewel mounted on top.  Nowadays, kids can make their own edible trinkets and even keep cool in addition to looking cool.

The Bling Pop from Urban Trend is a special mold kit for creating your own super-sized frozen jewels.  These could be filled with all different kinds of brightly colored fruit juices, pudding, yogurt or chocolate to produce varying gemstones.  They would be a cute addition to a little girls’ birthday party, especially in the summer.  Even big girls could have fun with these, making some adult versions for a ladies’ get-together.

The kit comes with two ring molds, so you would have to pick up a few sets if you want them for a party, but for some fun treats to have around the house for one or two kids then one set would be great.

Source: UrbanTend

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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products