Flashback Clothing Defeats Paparazzi At Their Own Game

 Fame is a double-edge sword bearing its own kind of endurance tests. One of these is certainly dealing with the paparazzi, those annoying photographers who live by their own rules concerning the invasion of the personal privacy of those in the public eye. While it may be true that this kind of attention comes with the fame-territory, that old adage about what's good for the goose is good for the gander comes to mind with the advent of the Flashback line of clothing.


The Illuminati Jacket and Pants: Source: Betabrand.comThe Illuminati Jacket and Pants: Source: Betabrand.com


How did the Flashback line of clothing come about?

The idea of using embedded wearable technology  to ruin paparazzi photos was born by accident. DJ Chris Holmes noticed that photos taken during  several shows starring Paul McCartney, who was wearing reflective clothing, were rendered totally useless. This was the seed for Betabrand's Flashback collection, which is made from fabric coated with glass nanospheres and includes five distinct pieces; the Photobomber, the Illuminati Jacket and Pants, the Silver Screen Scarf and the Halo Hats. it took less than a month to build a prototype.


No Cameras Please!: Source: Betabrand.comNo Cameras Please!: Source: Betabrand.com


What is the Flashback clothing line?

Similar to fabric that is used to make reflectors for safety gear worn by rescue workers
 and flashes during photo-shoots, ths line of clothing is made from material that reflects light. The main difference however, lies in the fact that the Flashback line of clothing is not garish orange or green neon, like safety gear. it is rather, both fashionable and comfortable. Covered in microscopic glass beads, whoever wears this clothing  when photographed is transformed into a ghostly shadow. The items are on the costly side and none of them fall into the practical clothing category, but Betabrand believes that they will sell anyway due to their niche appeal.


Flashback Illuminati Jacket and Pants: Source: design-Boom.comFlashback Illuminati Jacket and Pants: Source: design-Boom.com


The  collection reflects the company's fashion mantra and in the words of CEO Chris Lindland:

"Betabrand isn't fast fashion. It's faster fashion. The company's whole business is based on knowing what consumers want before manufacturers sew a single stitich. Betabrand does this by crowd-sourcing ideas and concepts into their Think Tank. Any idea that garners enough votes will then become a prototype that's refined and then crafted by the in-house sewing team headed by senior designer, Steven Wheeler."

The future of Flasback clothing

While this clothing line is not the cheapest way to foil paparazzi, it is effective. For those moments we all regret, at least when donning one of these outfits you know that no one can ever catch you off guard.

Closing thoughts on privacy:

All human beings have three lives: public, private and secret. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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