Flashiest Vending Machine Of 2009: U’Tique Upscale Beauty Vending Launches In California

I've shown you a wide variety of vending machines in the past, and they're always a big hit as one of the top businesses of convenience; here's a new one for you that might just be the flashiest vending machine of 2009. U'Tique, the most upscale vending machine seen to date is about to launch its first vending location at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California, and it manages to combine convenience and class through dispensing top of the line beauty products.

Consider it the help yourself Sephora of the beauty world, the U'Tique upscale beauty vending machine will contain a compilation of only the most popular makeup, bath and beauty products, so whether you're experiencing a fashion emergency, or just don't want to deal with the lines or the pesky salespeople; you're in business.

Unlike typical vending machines, the U'Tique has a sleek, classy design that will attract the most elite and flashy clientele. With a number of payment options available to pay for your choice of their 50 beauty products available, you never have to worry about breaking your piggy bank to come up with change; simply insert a credit or debit card and you're on your way.

Since vending machines typically offer inexpensive convenience items to an on-the-go crowd, do you think that U'Tique will start a growing business trend with their vending machines that cater to a more upscale market?

May 29, 2009
by Anonymous

This is all over Japan

Yes, we need more vending machines that offers more than just junk food and soft drinks ... North america is diffinitly lacking in this type of distribution ... There is so many business that could benefit from using vending machines such as calling cards, pay as you go cell phones, cosmetic products, stationary products, business cards the list could go forever. Please !!! america do somthing about this.