Flatshare Fridges: Food Storage Solutions for Roommates


The good old days of living with roommates bring to mind memories of seemingly incessant background noise, lots of late nights, and a fair amount of food rotting or gone missing in the fridge.  Things perhaps would have been a bit easier, if not a tad uptight, if we'd all had our own separate storage compartments for edibles. After discovering Flatshare Fridges designed by Viennese design student Stefan Buchberger, I see the future of shared kitchen life and it is lego-shaped. 


Stackable, colorful, and oh-so-flavorful, these modular fridges neatly fit atop each other and provide not only a practical solution for separate areas of food storage, but also add a dash of panache to the kitchen decor.  A separate base holds up to four lego-like fridge pieces, and a variety of skins make for a totally customized refrigerator. Additionally, less space to rummage through on the hunt for a midnight snack means less cool air escaping, making it an eco-friendly fridge as well. Plus, each compartment can be set at different temperatures, assuring your cucumbers stay cool and your peas stay frozen.

Flatshare Fridges aren't in production yet, but with their green design and stylish good looks, what manufacturer could resist?

Via Inhabit