Fleeceleeves Cuddle Your Coffee Cup The Eco-Friendly Way

Java junkies feeling guilty about tossing out cardboard coffee cup sleeves after each use now have a fashionable, innovative, eco-friendly alternative: the Fleeceleeve! Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, these fleecy mug-huggers fit almost any cup and can be over and over again.

Offered by Japan's CHIYA MADE, Fleeceleeves are, well, fleecy sleeves resembling wrist warmers (if such a thing existed) and they're sure to make users the hit of the coffee-shop crowd.

While many mainstream coffee shop chains have extolled the virtues of their recyclable cardboard coffee cup sleeves, recycling (while better than simply disposing) isn't the optimum solution. It takes energy to recycle stuff and while some might say the issue is just one more First World Problem, most regular coffee drinkers would rather not be part of the problem.

Fleeceleeves are an excellent solution on multiple levels: they look great, they can be washed and reused time after time, and they're much more versatile than stiff cardboard coffee cup sleeves. CHIYA MADE does want buyers to come back for more, however, and to that end they continually introduce new Fleeceleeve designs. Check 'em out at their website and the Fleeceleeve Facebook page.