Fleeing From Originality

If learning how to operate a high-tech video camera isn’t how you would like to spend one of your summer weekends, then this new concept might be a great alternative for you in the future.

Created by Turkish designer Hakan Bogazpinar, the Flee Digital Camera is a simple device used for surveillance. Bogazpinar has stated that the camera would be customized to take still images and send them to a mobile phone by using a Bluetooth signal.

Almost identical to a shuttlecock (what they use in Badminton), the Flee camera would be a great invention to take pictures of different sports activities. Since it works by simply tossing it up into the air, the Flee could rapidly create still images of a game of beach volleyball or Frisbee. However, there hasn’t been any word yet to whether or not the concept will be picked up by a company.

To see more pictures of the Flee Digital Camera in action, you can visit this website.

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Jul 15, 2008
by Anonymous


wouldn't it have been better to built a small (propeller?) with battery and add it to a camera or a camera with a built in such and it could stay airborn and take pictures during the game from different angles. Has that been done too? Would look very silly too.